Meet the Cutie Cars Shopkins

Wizzy Soda

He has the fastest straw in the west!

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Zappy Pineapple

Warm and sunny looks - Driving is just paradise!

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Kiwi Cutie

A green machine that always runs clean

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Orange Rush

Very Roomy. You can always squeeze in a friend!

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Zippy Popsicle

The frosty stop where you can chill!

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Strawberry Scoupe

A soft-top with a berry nice finish!

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Soft Swerve

An interior that is perfect place to chill!

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Candy Heart Car

Plenty of room to share with the one you love!

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Mint Sprinter

A fresh face and cool panels!

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Candi Combi

A sweet paintjob that jumps!

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Rainbow Rider

Super colorful to brighten the cloudiest day!

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Choc-Cherry Wheels

Highly decorated award-winning cutie!

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Happy B. SUV

A sweet and luxurious chocolate interior

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Royal Roadster

You will feel like a princess in this royal ride!

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Sneaky Speedster

Step into a car with a lot of sole!

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Flashy Fashionista

A big luggage compartment to carry things

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Wheely Wishes

Everything you've wished for in a car!

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Bumpy Burger

With burgers to grill and wheels to thrill!

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Milk Moover

A smooth moo-ver to stop any milk shakes!

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Jelly Joyride

Soft bouncy seats and Jello airbags!

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Zoomy Noodles

A lot of box that holds oodles of noodles!

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Hotdog Hotrod

Bun Bumpers for a comfy ride and soft crashes!

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Lollypop Soft Top

Fueled by candy to keep go-go-going!

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Jelly Bean Machine

Your one stop Jelly Bean shop!

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Ice Cream Dream Car

A set of cool wheels to whip around town!

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Frozen Yocart

A very cool interior and smooth finish!

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Motor Melon

Runs on water and has a big fuel tank!

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Banana Bumper

A-peeling styling that takes bends well

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Travelling Taco

Tacos with a taste you'll want to chase!

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Peely Apple Wheels

Crispy handling without using much juice!

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Lemon Limo

So easy to park. She can squeeze into tight spaces!

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Sundae Scooter

Sundae's got cool looks and sweet styling!

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Donut Express

Donut's got a hole lot of tasteful styling! 

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Popcorn Moviegoer

Popcorn's got a warm and buttery interior- Pop in and see!

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Strawberry Speedy Seeds

Strawberry has a sweet paintjob that's very tasteful!

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Choc Chip Racer

Clever and high-tech. She's one smart cookie!

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Cupcake Cruiser

Cupcake Cruiser is baked for a wheelie sweet ride! 

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